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Buma, A. A. Scheepstra and R. Bintanja, 2016. Door de kou bevangen.

posted 15 Jun 2016, 06:06 by Historie van de Oceanografie Club   [ updated 21 Feb 2019, 04:01 ]
This new book – ‘Fascinated by the cold : Fifty years of Dutch research in polar regions’ - was introduced during a symposium on March 8, 2016 at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences with a series of lectures, highlighting many scientific results. Exactly 35 years before that date my first cruise to the Southern Ocean ended. And I too was “fascinated by the cold”, and determined to return. This meant campaigning. Four years later, early 1985, a pilot project on Antarctic research started, involving – most importantly – jobs for four young scientists. These persons, supplemented with co-workers, are among the authors of the present book. Arctic research started earlier – hence the 50 years - and proceeded along quite different roads.
With great pleasure and admiration, I read the 235 pages, enjoyed the multitude of pictures. What a diversity of research subjects! Indeed a new Dutch branch established itself among the others about understanding our globe. The book is written in a pleasant style, also understandable by non-scientists and does not avoid adventures. It should find its way to the many readers interested in remote (polar) areas.
I wonder, however, why the book was written in Dutch, without summaries in English. It deserves a much wider audience.
With respect to the naming of the (Dutch) polar facilities in Antarctica: It is my firm opinion that Dirck Gerritsz Pomp did not see any part of the Antarctic continent or islands, in agreement with the conclusion by J.W. IJzerman in 1915.

Johan van Bennekom (

Buma, A., A. Scheepstra and R. Bintanja, 2016. Door de kou bevangen. Vijftig jaar Nederlands onderzoek in de poolgebieden. MaRiSuDa, Lelystad, pp.235 (ISBN 978-90-818264-2-6), 235 pp.